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Message of Provincial Superior

Dear Sisters,

“Remember the past with gratitude, live the present with passion, and open ourselves to the future with trust”. This encouraging note of Pope John Paul II of blessed memory is certainly fitting for us as our region is elevated to the status of a province. Unquestionably we have a past for which we are grateful; we are challenged to live our present with vibrancy and meaning and of course, we leave our future in complete trust and surrender to God.

Apparently our community has dug its roots in this soil through our dedicated pioneering members, our congregational and regional leadership groups, our well-wishers and definitely, through us members. Several of the sisters from our international congregation stood by us in building our history. We have every reason to rejoice and thank God for our Congregation and all who have collaborated with us during the past years for our gradual yet steady growth.

The Lord now gives us a new era, a fresh start to collaborate with Him, in our own specific way, to live and give His healing presence. Together now we go forward living and re-living the joy and beauty of our unique Franciscan vocation. May our fidelity shine through the years to come.

Sr. M. Lima
Provincial Superior

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