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Orientation Program

An orientation programme for our candidates was held on 29th & 30th of November. Sr. M. Leena along with our postulants facilitated this programme at Jyoti Bhawan, Jhalap. The event brought lots of joy for the candidates and they participated in it lively and enthusiastically.

The orientation programme included various aspects that are essential for the integral growth of the candidates to religious life. The sessions consisted of personality development, vocation-a call to love and psycho-spiritual growth which may help them to become good religious. This aspect was highlighted through Holy Hour, sharing of various life experiences, action songs and games.

The presence of postulants doubled the joy and energy which of the candidates a sense of belonging to our community. There faces radiated with happiness when they shared their experience of being involved in prison ministry, network with the poor kids and mentally challenged. The documentary films added their yearning to persue the call of Jesus.

The programme facilitated the candidates to know themselves better especially for goal setting in thier life. They cherish the time they spent together.

At the closing, on the second day all moved towards the recreation hall to exhibit their hidden talents sparkled with rhythmic steps. The Sisters in the community, in a big applause, said with one voice that, they are a real treasure to our community, to our province and to our congregation at large.

Sr. M. Alphy OSF

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