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Installation of New Leadership - Indian Province

New Leadership - Indian ProvinceThe Indian Province had its second Provincial Chapter from January 27 - February 2, 2018 with the theme ‘Being the splendor of Christ.’

The chapter body comprised of eighteen elected delegates, seven consultative participants, Sr.M.Beata the General Councilor as guest and Rev.Fr.Mathew Azhakath OCD as facilitator cum moderator.

Sister Christa Maria presided over the chapter.

The newly elected leadership:
Sr.M.DollyProvincial Superior
Sr.M.JohncyProvincial Vicaress
Sr.M.EmerenciaProvincial Councilor
Sr.M.TessyProvincial Councilor

The leadership was installed on February 02, 2018 during the Eucharist celebration solemnized by Rev.Fr.Sebastian Poomattam, the Vicar General of Arch diocese of Raipur.

The chapter body gave the recommendations to the Leadership for the coming four years with special stress on strengthening and solidifying our ministries and presence. All sisters assured their cooperation and support to the new leadership.

May the Lord accompany the New council and the sisters of the Indian Province to be the splendor of Christ wherever we are and whatever we do..


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